Frozen Meals: How to Save Time, Money & Effort Cooking Food

Frozen Meals save time and money, In our fast-paced world, we are constantly on the go, trying to balance work, family, and other commitments. With such busy schedules, it can be challenging to find time to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

There are so many temptations and quick fixes out there when you’re busy or working late, most of which you are able to finish in the car before you land on the couch to Netflix and chill with the calories. Just a little detour for a drive-through burger on the way home can be really satisfying. 

BUT… (Yes, we like big buts and we cannot lie.) But are these other ‘convenient’ options like pizza, burgers, Chinese takeaway, etc. sustainable and healthy for you and your wallet?

Frozen meals have become a go-to option for modern humans with refined tastebuds. Here are some reasons why…

  • For starters, they’re convenient (see what I did there)

You can have a hot and satisfying meal on the table chop-chop. Wait. Actually no chopping. And no cooking, baking, boiling, broiling, sautéing, steaming, stewing, grilling, roasting, poaching or toasting anything.

Simply pop your meal into the microwave or oven for a few minutes, and voila!

  • They’re affordable (well, not in some shops 😉

Time is money and ready-made meals save you time. What more can we say? Actually, there’s quite a lot more to say on this topic. Read more on how to save on your grocery bill here.

  • It tastes great – like a home-cooked meal (at least our products do)

You must have heard “from our kitchen to yours” or “our kitchen is cooking so you don’t have to” before. Lovely marketing lines. Only if the advertiser has a lovely kitchen though. But let’s not get into the food and hygiene certification stuff now.  

  • You get healthy options for specific dietary requirements

Atkins, Paleo, Dukan, no-carbs, some carbs, high in carbs, vegetarian or vegan – you’ll find something that’s the right fit for you. (See, did it again)

  • And like most fast food meals, you can get ready-made meals delivered to your door!

Side note: Check out our website to see if we’re available in your area.

The convenience of Frozen Meals

Whether you are a student, a young professional, a parent or just plain lazy – frozen meals provide convenience that saves time, effort, and in some cases, even marriages.

They’re quick, easy to prepare, and can be stored for later use. Ready-made meals can also help make meal planning a lot easier.

Say goodbye to standing in the grocery store isles or staring at an empty pantry or fridge wondering what to cook for dinner. (It’s weird how we do that – stare at empty pantries or fridges as if by magic something will appear from the Food Fairies. And I’m not referring to Herman from Fourways Farmers Market and his husband’s food truck here.)

Studies have shown that the average adult spends more than 400 hours a year cooking. Almost 17 days of cooking a year. And that’s cooking basic meals. No schmancy stuff. Certainly not as schmancy as this Sundried Tomato & Basil Pesto Pasta or our Biltong & Feta Savoury Cheesecake.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t spend time cooking. Entertaining guests with a braai or making a home-cooked meal for the fam is always amazing. But ain’t nobody got time for that ery damn day. 

The Cost of Frozen Meals

In addition to the convenience, frozen meals are also incredibly cost-effective. As mentioned before, time is money, but it’s not just about these meals saving you money because it’s saving you time.

When you compare pre-made meals to the cost of eating out, even if it is sushi special Wednesday, you still fork out a lot less. (See, did it again 😉

Buying fresh, especially locally-sourced ingredients, is always the best option. However, most of us can’t make it to the farmer’s market every other day. Granted, you can still get our ingredients at a supermarket. At a super high price, though.

Frozen meal manufacturers buy their ingredients where the supermarkets buy them – directly from the source, in bulk, and on an ongoing basis. That’s why we get the best price for the best ingredients. 

Go do the maths. Check out the per kg price of your next purchase and let us know how much you’re saving by buying ready-made meals. Actually, that’s a great idea for the next blog.

So the only way you can really beat it is if you grow your own food. And please give us a call when your Peppadews are ready. We can use them in our wonderfully tasty Peppadew & Feta Savoury Cheesecake

Plus, portioned ready-made meals limit food wastage. Your compost heap might not like it, but your wallet will.

Healthy Frozen Meals? 

There are many healthy frozen meal brands that offer 21-day challenges, proteins by-the-pound packs, and all kinds of detoxes. Again, don’t get me wrong, these are great for athletes, fitness junkies, and the 1st of Jan.

But what about the everyday bachelor, bachelorette, student, young professional, family man and woman, and their hangry kids who don’t have to count calories, but still want something good to eat? And they want it fast. 

Some frozen food brands focus on strictly ‘healthy’ meals. Like clean-eating healthy. Cardboard-flavoured-grilled-chicken-breast-with-broccoli kinda thing. 

Then others provide more of a ‘good food’ offering. Or wholesome, hearty food – just like your mama made it. Wholesome like grilled chicken breasts layered with spinach and cheese, topped with sundried tomato.

It’s important to distinguish between “healthy” and “wholesome” frozen meals.

Healthy frozen meals are typically designed to meet specific nutritional goals, such as limiting calorie intake or increasing protein consumption. Wholesome frozen meals, on the other hand, focus on fresh, whole-food ingredients and home-cooked flavours that provide comfort and satisfaction.

Still, no matter if it’s referred to as “healthy” or “wholesome” food. It’s also important to know what’s in your food. 

Nowadays it’s okay to pick up a product in your nearest Checkers store and inspect the small print. The saying “no one likes labels, except when it comes to food” rings true here. It’s really important to read the labels and understand the nutritional value of your food, such as the number of calories in a serving, and the number of various nutrients like protein, fat, carbs, and everyone’s favourite additives – sugar and sodium.

I mean, do you even know the difference between monounsaturated and trans fat? And no, the aforementioned has nothing to do with being overweight and non-binary. ‘C’mon, we spoke about labels.

Again, it’s simple – just know what’s in your food.

Not only the nutrients but also – the butter-to-chicken ratio in your Butter Chicken Curry. No one wants to fish for chicken pieces in their curry.

Btw – you butter try our authentic Chicken Curry. No fishing for chicken pieces with this one. We’re not even fishing for compliments. Our ratings and reviews speak for themselves.  

Another misconception about frozen meals is that they lack nutritional value compared to fresh meals. This is as far from the truth as Ginsu knives being made in Japan.

In fact, studies have shown that frozen meals can be just as nutritious as fresh meals, if not more. Heard of ‘blast freeze’, anyone? 

However, should you want to continue the conversation on what’s more nutritious, fresh or frozen food, click here and let’s chat.

Prepping and Storing Frozen Meals

Did you know that frozen meals can last for up to 6 months in your freezer and still taste fresh and delish like it was made a few minutes ago?

Talking about meals in minutes – do you prefer the microwave oven or a conventional oven when heating your ready-made meal?

We feel that only Duke nuke ’em.  (Some of you might not be old enough to get this reference, but I thought I’d still work it in 😉

Microwaving your frozen meal might be the absolute quickest way to get a meal on a plate, but is it really the best way?

How about some lovin’ for your oven? It’s the best way to bake one of our signature pasta – allowing the cheese to grill to perfection. (I’m drooling)

Another favourite method is the trendy air fryer, best appreciated for its speed and health benefits. Although our Bobotie Wors with Mash Pumpkin Fritter Pie is quite a mouthful. It fits snugly into the average air fryer and it’s ready in a couple of minutes. Now that’s what we call fast food made real good. 

Now how do you heat up your frozen dinner when load shedding hits? Gas! 

Most men won’t admit it, but most men do have that gas braai under the lapa. Or you can even dust off your camping stove. You can thaw frozen meals in a pot over low heat, stirring occasionally to ensure even cooking. Be sure to keep the lid on to retain moisture and heat. If you’re using a grill, wrap the meal in aluminum foil and place it on the grates, away from direct heat. Close the grill lid and let the meal cook, checking it periodically to ensure it’s heated through. 

Frozen Meal Options

Variety is the spice of life.

And at Delugo, we really like spices. And life. We understand the importance of food for different tastes that still taste good.

I mean, let’s throw in a nice cliché here – our menu is as diverse as our people.

From Bobotie Wors with Mash & Pumpkin Fritter Pie to Brandy & Coke Sticky Wings. From Traditional Paptert to Moroccan Apricot Chicken, Biltong & Cheese Soup, and Nachos Pizza to something sweet like Campfire Chocolate S’mores and Apple & Raspberry Custard Streusel Pie. (Another mouthful, but an absolutely mouthwatering mouth full.)

So, if you’re looking for convenience, quality, value, delicious, and nutritious frozen meals, we welcome you to our kitchen. Well, our website

We always say – if you can’t get (food) from your mama, get it from us. Click here, check out our menu, stop salivating and make your taste buds happy by ordering your Delugo meal today!